New Digital Show Delivers a Fresh Take on Triggering Headlines

LOS ANGELES — Attorney and on-air host Adrienne Lawrence and prolific feminist writer and editor Carmen Rios know first-hand how exhausting the news cycle has become, particularly for women. That’s why the award-winning legal analyst and seasoned women’s rights activist have teamed up with Binge Networks to provide weekly social commentary and insight on how to end the injustice in a new show called Trigger Happy, which launches on Oct. 8.

“Our society is evolving as we’re becoming more aware of the injustices women face on a daily basis and the need to rectify them,” says Lawrence, who received the #BlogHer18 Voice of the Year award for speaking out on issues impacting women in the workplace. “I’m thrilled Binge has given us a platform to enlighten and empower viewers… while having a little fun in the process, of course.”

In each episode of Trigger Happy, Lawrence and Rios will tackle three top stories from the news cycle, breaking down the triggering hot messes that have taken over the media and informing viewers on what can be done about them. From encouraging activism to educating audiences about their rights, the two co-hosts will empower women and allies across the country.

“Women have long led the fight for equality and justice—not just for women, but for people of color, LGBTQ folks, immigrants and refugees, workers, and more,” explains Rios, a nationally-recognized activist. “Given this administration, women are forming the backbone and the front line of the resistance, and Adrienne and I will give a voice to the frustrations women feel as they scroll through timelines and headlines—and offer them the opportunity to change the narrative.”

Together, Lawrence and Rios bring a range of perspectives and a wealth of knowledge to audiences. As a West Coast-born, black woman who litigated at major firms for years before entering sports broadcast, Lawrence brings a unique vibe to her take on challenging the status quo. Her counterpart, Rios, is a queer, mixed-race woman from the East Coast with working-class roots, and her feminist hot takes are shaped by a decade of digital community- and movement-building.

“We’re complete opposites in every way, which is what makes this fun,” Lawrence adds. “Each week, we speak on stories that really affected us—and, while we’re not happy about it, we’re happy to share what needs to be done to end the offensive nonsense. What can we say? We’re trigger happy!”

Both Lawrence and Rios were recently selected by the Women’s Media Center as members of the 2018 Progressive Women’s Voices cohort and are SheSource experts.

New episodes of Trigger Happy are available every Monday via Binge Networks, one of the fastest growing digital media platforms and distributors. You can connect with the show on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The first episode is available here.

For interviews and appearances, Lawrence and Rios can be reached via the Trigger Happy website.

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